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Contactable AI Platform (Athena)

Digital AI Orchestration

Digital Identity Management


Artificial Intelligence for Digital Identity. The Contactable AI platform (Athena) includes an extensive list of identity processes and data integration points that support the full lifecycle of digital identity management.

In addition, Athena provides complete identity management for federated identity management ecosystem solutions. This allows you to apply different risk ratings to each process and to different business units within your company. It includes reconciliation, duplicity checking, and complete off-boarding to comply with POPI or GDPR.



Digital AI Orchestration

We make the technology work for you.

Artificial Intelligence for Digital Identity brings all your identity and KYC processes together in one place, configured for your unique requirements and risks. You control the requirements while we make the technology work for you.

Customer Digital Onboarding

Use our API’s across all channels – Smartphone, Tablet, Web, BOT, Kiosk, USSD, agent and in-store – to automate your customer onboarding journey.

Customer Digital Identity

The customer's digital identity corresponds to their real-world identity and facilitate digital authentication.


Digitise your KYC and compliance. Let our AI driven platform take care of the complexity.

Biometrics Multi Modal

Pins and passwords are a thing of the past and cybersecurity is on the rise.

Data integration

Access multiple data providers for different KYC requirements all from one platform.

Digital AI Orchestration

Bring all identity and KYC processes together in one place, configured for your unique requirements and risks.


Company Verification

Conduct juristic validation and director verification. Save time and remove the paperwork – digitise the process using our orchestration platform.

Self RICA SIM Registration

Focus on your core business whilst complying with international and local regulations.


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