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Serving humanity intelligently is the gold standard OF our biometric systems.

Facial Recognition

Secure and Easy Onboarding

At Contactable, we offer a secure and user-friendly facial recognition system to streamline your onboarding process. Our system verifies a user’s identity by matching their selfie against a trusted government database or other sources, ensuring they are who they say they are.

We also incorporate liveness detection to prevent fraudulent attempts using photos, masks or videos. This eliminates the need for cumbersome steps like blinking or tilting your head, making the process effortless for your users.



  • Enhanced Security: Our system safeguards your platform against unauthorized access.
  • Reduced Fraud: Liveness detection ensures only real people can enter your system.
  • Frictionless Onboarding: Quick and easy user verification improves completion rates.
  • Improved User Experience: A streamlined process creates a positive first impression.
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Voice Biometrics

Speak Your Way to Security

Voice biometrics is a powerful technology that verifies your identity by analyzing your unique voice characteristics, like pitch, tone, and speaking style. Unlike speech recognition software that understands what you say, voice biometrics focuses on who you are.

Benefits of Voice Biometrics:

  • Secure Phone Authentication: Voice biometrics provides a convenient and secure way to verify your identity over the phone, eliminating the need for passwords or codes.
  • Frictionless Access: Simply speak your voice, and gain access to accounts or information without the hassle of remembering complex credentials.
  • Enhanced Security: Because your voice is unique, voice biometrics offers an additional layer of security compared to traditional methods.
  • Works Anywhere, Anytime: Voice verification can be used on any phone, making it a versatile solution for various applications.

The Future of Authentication

Palm vein technology is rapidly gaining traction due to its numerous advantages. With the emergence of portable palm vein scanners, this technology is poised to become even more accessible and user-friendly.

Experience the Security and Convenience of Palm Vein Biometrics!


Ensuring You’re the Real You: Liveness Detection

Facial recognition is a convenient way to verify your identity, but it’s important to make sure it’s truly you. This is where liveness detection comes in.

Contactable’s Secure Onboarding

Our platform uses advanced liveness detection to ensure only real people are accessing the system. This eliminates the need for you to perform actions like blinking or smiling during your selfie, making the process smooth and secure.

How Does Liveness Detection Work?

Liveness detection verifies that you’re a live person, not a photograph or video. Our technology analyzes your selfie to ensure it’s not a fake attempt to gain access.

Experience Secure and Frictionless Onboarding with Contactable!

Palm Vein Biometrics

Secure and Convenient Authentication

Palm vein recognition is a cutting-edge biometric technology that offers a secure and convenient way to verify your identity. It uses near-infrared light to scan the unique pattern of veins in your palm, creating a highly secure and personalized identifier.

Benefits of Palm Vein Biometrics:

  • Enhanced Security: Unlike fingerprints or facial features, your palm veins are located beneath the surface of your skin, making them highly resistant to forgery and theft.
  • Reliable Performance: Palm vein scans are unaffected by external factors like lighting, dirt, or scratches, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Built-in Liveness Detection: Since a palm vein scan requires blood flow, it inherently verifies that you’re a live person, eliminating the need for separate liveness checks.
  • Touchless Convenience: Palm vein scanners enable contactless authentication, ideal for hygiene-conscious environments and the post-COVID world.

Data Security

Contactable prioritizes user privacy. We employ robust security measures to protect all user data collected during the facial recognition process. Our ISO 27001 certification is a clear indication of the importance we place on data  security.

Let Contactable revolutionize your onboarding experience!

Our Digital Identity Solutions and Industry Examples

We recognise that not all businesses run the same way, even in the same industries. Our Digital Identity Solutions are off-the-shelf ready and quick to configure to accurately match your specific requirements. We leverage our experience in building frictionless customer-centric identity solutions to assist you in achieving your desired business outcomes.

Leading companies throughout Africa and around the world in the Financial Services, Telco, Real Estate and Automotive sectors are using Contactable’s platform and associated products to ensure compliance and enhance the customer experience.

Customer Digital Onboarding

Use our API’s across all channels – Smartphone, Tablet, Web, BOT, Kiosk, USSD, agent and in-store – to automate your customer onboarding journey.

Customer Digital Identity

The customer’s digital identity corresponds to their real-world identity and facilitate digital authentication.


Digitise your KYC and compliance. Let our AI driven platform take care of the complexity.

Biometrics Multi Modal

Pins and passwords are a thing of the past and cybersecurity is on the rise.

Data integration

Access multiple data providers for different KYC requirements all from one platform.

Digital AI Orchestration

Bring all identity and KYC processes together in one place, configured for your unique requirements and risks.


Company Verification

Conduct juristic validation and director verification. Save time and remove the paperwork – digitise the process using our orchestration platform.

Self RICA SIM Registration

Focus on your core business whilst complying with international and local regulations.


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